Stagecoach Quilt Pattern - All the Details!

Stagecoach Quilt Pattern - All the Details!

Hi there, fellow quilters and quilt enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to finally reveal the details of my newest pattern, Stagecoach. It's a classic block-based design that beautifully combines chains and stars into a single dynamic block.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

  • The pattern includes instructions to make both limited color and multi-color versions.
    • The multi-color option is fat quarter friendly, which is perfect for those lovely bundles of fabric. Using a fat quarter bundle, either a mix of different collections curated by a local shop or a factory cut bundle from a single collection, is a fantastic option if you are stuck on what colors and prints to choose (aka let someone else do the picking for you!).
    • The limited color option is designed for yardage. You will pick 3 colors for the chains and stars, 1 color for the accent/center squares, and 1 color for the background, adding up to 5 colors in total. If you are stuck on picking colors, perhaps start with one "star" color/print, that is, your favorite fabric that you NEED to have in your quilt. Once you have that 1 color/print selected, you can choose 2 colors/prints that compliment and coordinate and 1 accent color. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to making your own Stagecoach quilt!
  • 4 sizes to be made, from baby to a generous bed size quilt. Additionally, Stagecoach is block-based, allowing for easy customization of the size by adding or subtracting rows/columns of blocks. You will need to determine the amount of additional fabric required, but the pattern includes the requirements per block as a reference.
  • The pattern includes 3 pages of mock-ups filled with examples of Stagecoach quilts in various colorways. Plus, a coloring page is provided so you can get an idea of what your quilt will look like once assembled.


Below, I'll list the fabrics I used for my sample quilts (I'll share pattern tester quilts in another post- they're absolutely stunning and deserve their own dedicated post!)

The Original One

For the first sample of the Stagecoach quilt, I went with a combination of bright, eye-popping colors from Robert Kaufman's Kona cotton solids collection to make a multi-color lap size quilt. The lap size finishes at 54" x 54", making it a pretty quick sew. 

I used the following Kona cotton fat quarters for the foreground:

  • Lt Parfait
  • Mango
  • Salmon
  • Violet
  • Candy Pink
  • Pearl Pink
  • Petal
  • Lavender
  • Grellow
  • Curry (accent color, aka center square of each block)

I chose Kona Charcoal for the background fabric; it's the perfect canvas for the bold, vibrant colors in the foreground to add a punch contrast without being overly stark-black.


The Valentine's Day One

Honestly, I had a real tough time picking colors for my next Stagecoach quilt sample. I was dead set on making it in the Throw size, but I was totally stuck in analysis paralysis mode trying to come up with a color scheme. At that point, I consulted with my quilty friend, Jesse (@imperfectquilting), who suggested a Valentine's Day theme of reds and pinks. Although I'm not a big fan of the color red in general, I started choosing fat quarters in different shades of reds and pinks. As I went along, I became more and more enthusiastic and inspired by the colors, and before I knew it, I was ironing and cutting into fabrics.

Ultimately, I am SO happy I followed Jesse's advice and went with this punchy mix of reds, pinks, and purples. It gives the quilt a stunning, kaleidoscopic effect that keeps the eye buzzing around from one print to the next!

If you want to make a Valentine's themed Stagecoach quilt for yourself, here is the list of fat quarters I used for the foreground fabric:

  • Kona Cotton in Valentine
  • Robert Kaufman (RK) Mammoth Jr Flannel in Lupine
  • RK Mammoth Jr Flannel in Strawberry
  • Ruby Star Society (RSS) Strawberry & Friends in Miniberry- Peony
  • RSS Strawberry & Friends in Strawberry- Daisy
  • RSS Strawberry & Friends in Strawberry Seeds- Daisy
  • RSS Pixel in Berry
  • RSS Pixel in Lupine
  • RSS Pixel in Playful
  • RSS Petunia in Sprigs- Flamingo
  • RSS Speckled in Metallic- Scarlet
  • RSS Twirl in Metallic- Fire
  • RSS Heirloom in Star Shine- Warm Red
  • Alison Glass Hopscotch in Orchid
  • Tula Pink Monkey Wrench in Ribbit- Mango
  • Tula Pink Monkey Wrench in Parrot Prattle- Mango
  • RK Kitchen Window Wovens in Watermelon (for the accent color, aka center square of each block)

The pattern calls for 2-3/4 yd of background fabric for the throw size, but I wanted to go super scrappy. Instead of yardage, I used a mix of low volume fat quarters and scrap yardage. I can’t remember the names of all, but I will try my best:

  • RSS Lil in Pocket Posy- Buttercream
  • RSS Twirl in Buttercream
  • RSS Sugar Cone in Ripple- Natural
  • RSS Sugar Cone in Ripple- Light Neon Pink
  • RSS Add It Up in Neon Pink
  • RSS white background with small pink flowers... Not sure what collection it's from since it's an older print, but a good substitute print would be RSS Sugar Cone in Cherries- Flamingo Pink
  • Art Gallery Fabrics (AGF) Little Town in Snowdrift Joy
  • AGF Gayle Lorraine in Always Together
  • Alison Glass white background with neon pink drawings...Not sure exactly what print it is, but I'm pretty certain that it's from the Sun Print Luminance collection
  • Neon pink polka dot on white background - no clue what it is, but a good substitute would be Tula Pink True Colors in Tiny Dots- Cosmic
  • Dear Stella Nutcracker in Biased in Blush

Do you have ideas for another Stagecoach quilt? I need help picking a different colorway. Message me your thoughts!

Until next time, 


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