Easthampton Quilt Pattern in the multi-color version

Easthampton Quilt Pattern - Grab your Fat Quarters, Yardage, and Scraps!

Easthampton is a modern, block-based, and versatile quilt pattern based on the classic Providence quilt block; & it is my very first written quilt pattern, so I am super excited to finally share it with you all. 

Mark your calendars! The pattern will be available for purchase beginning Saturday, September 16th as a PDF in the Shop. 

What's in a name?

This pattern is an homage to the first town I lived in, Easthampton. Not only that, but it's where my Dad grew up and where my parents started their life together. Though I only lived there until I was ~2 years old, I'd still go back several times a year with my parents to visit my Memere and Pepere (French for grandmother and grandfather) for holidays and get-togethers with the family.

When I was trying to come up with a name for this pattern, I kept coming back to Easthampton. It's a name that is filled with significance and meaning, especially now that my Memere and Pepere have passed. So, why not honor the hometown where it all began by naming my debut quilt pattern after it?

All the Details

This quilt pattern is so versatile and can be made from Fat Quarters (FQs), yardage, and even scraps (yup, even those teeny-tiny 2" squares leftover from previous projects that you cannot bear to toss). The pattern includes assembly instructions and fabric requirements for a generous Baby, Throw, and Bed sizes, and in limited and multi-color versions. 

With its unique design and easy-to-follow instructions, the Easthampton quilt pattern will guide you through the steps to make your next quilt-y masterpiece!

Multi-Color Version: Fabric Requirements

The multi-color version of the Easthampton quilt pattern is all about playing with different fabric combinations and is both FQ and 1/4 yard friendly - perfect for those precut bundles we all hoard and love.

You can even go super scrappy and mix different prints, colors, etc. - whatever you'd like; there are no rules here! If you are worried about ending up with an overly chaotic scrappy quilt, try grouping your scraps into color families and go from there. Or try a scrappy background! My one general quilty tip is to mix in some solids or low-volume/blender fabrics with the scrappy prints- it will help to create a balanced composition while allowing your eye to "rest" in between the prints.

Multi-Color Version: Mock-Ups!

The Easthampton quilt pattern comes with a series of mock-ups to help get the creative juices flowing. The below mock-ups are made in the baby size:

You can also try out a different background color. Below is an example of the Throw size quilt shown in the Cotton Candy color-way (I actually ended up making the middle one when I first started writing the pattern because I loved it so much). Isn't it amazing how different the foreground colors look set against the varying background colors? That dark navy (below, far right) background color really makes those colors POP!

The Easthampton pattern includes the mock-ups provided in this post (along with additional examples) and includes all information on the fabric used (manufacturer and print/color name) so that you can recreate them for yourself! 

Limited Color Version: Fabric Requirements

Looking for something a little less scrappy and maybe more subdued? Look no further than the limited color version. Simply pick 4 different colors and a background fabric. That's it!

Limited Color Version: Mock-Ups

When I first designed the Easthampton quilt pattern, I set out for a precut friendly block-based pattern to showcase those beautiful FQ bundles. But, out of pure creative-curiosity, I mocked-up a quick quilt using only 4 colors (plus background). At that moment, I knew that I needed to include a limited color option in the pattern.


This pattern is SO versatile. Seriously- just look at these holiday themed mock-ups below! Looking for a quilt-y gift for your Halloween-obsessed friend? Give the Spooktacular color-way a whirl! Looking for the perfect, cozy gift for the winter holiday season? Look no further than a Holly Jolly Easthampton quilt!


Speaking of versatility...take a look below at how different the Easthampton quilt looks when mixing up the placement of light and dark colors. Can you believe that these mock-ups were made using the same 4 colors? They look like they could be totally different quilts, but they're all made from the Easthampton quilt pattern. I love a quilt pattern that can produce so many different looks depending on what fabrics and colors I use!

As with the multi-color mock-ups, all limited color versions shown here are included in the pattern (along with info regarding fabric manufacturer and colors/prints).


I am so excited to share this pattern with you, and I seriously cannot wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to post your fabric pulls, sewing progress, finished quilts, etc. on social media (follow along with me on Instagram @bearhillquilts), or leave a comment below this post. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that fabric stash, grab the Easthampton Quilt Pattern when it's released on September 16th, and get started on your next quilty adventure! 


(p.s. I took the picture at the top of this post before I had finished sewing the binding on, so that is why the top edge looks wonky and unfinished. This is a judgment-free zone here ;] )

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